The ethics of ITERP

The partnership between ITERP and its teams is based on mutual assistance, complementarity, confidentiality and respect of different points of view. All persons involved in ITERP are considered equal, irrespective of their title and reputation. Transparency, discretion, respect for others, and solidarity are the basis of this network. ITERP is committed to fighting discrimination in all its forms.

ITERP strongly opposes the establishment of a hierarchy among prevention programmes, the imposition of an assessment in the agreement, and encourages the active participation of those involved. ITERP does not publish any information about its partners.


All stored evaluation data is immediately anonymised, thus avoiding any risks associated with the dissemination of information. All ITERP members sign a Confidentiality Charter and an Ethics Charter. They have a permanent right of withdrawal, but agree not to communicate any information about the consortium’s members or its scientific programme.